Book Club Thursday: Free Day

Welcome back to #BookClubThursday!

Free Day!

We get to do whatever we'd like to do. Love days like that! So this week I'm asking, what is my 2020 Goodreads Book Challenge goal? You can find the information on my blog's home page on the side column. 

If you have a Goodreads goal share it with us! 

Come back on February 6th "Trivia"


  1. Yours is set at 125. I set mine at 150 this year.

    1. I always like to do a lower number so I feel good about myself if I go over. Ha!

  2. My current goal is 200 on goodreads. But my real goal is a book a day... So far I'm at 32 books read for January, so I just have to keep it up!

    Ash @ JennReneeRead

    1. That's is so good! I was sick most of Jan so I only got in about 15 or so. I'm hoping Feb is better.


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