WTF Friday

This is something new we (myself along with Born to Read Books) are doing this year. It's where we about something that's bothering us. Fun right! So here is what I want to talk about today.

Since it's the last WTF Friday of the year I wanted to ask...
What has bothered you most this year in the publishing world? 

All year I've been giving you my complaints now here's a chance to air yours. I really want to know. Hell, is it all the word copywriting that's been going on? I have to tell you that's bugging me too. Or do you feel that many of your favorite authors aren't writing like they used to? 

So please, share with me your thoughts.


  1. I've only seen a few authors behaving badly this past year. The only thing I don't like is when an author jumps on a reviewer for a low star review.

    1. OMG, right! Isn't that crazy. As reviewers we can't love everything. If we did it would be fake reviews. No one loves everything they read. Hell, some of my favorite authors have written books I didn't care for.


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