Sunday Spotlight

This year I along with Born to Read Books are doing a few new posts. I love changing things up and around. From now on Sundays will be Sunday spotlight, where I will talk about all things books or share a book with you. You get the idea! 

Thank you for enjoying my Sunday Spotlight post this year. As you can tell this is the last one for the year and I have to say I had fun with them. So I ask you, was there one post that you really liked? Or by the end of the year, you were tired of them? Should I keep it up next year?  

I'd really like your thoughts on this. Thanks!


  1. As long as you're having fun with it that's all that matters. I like all kinds of different posts on blogs. Changing things up is always fun.

    1. Thanks Mary! I do have fun and love when things change a bit from year to year.


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