Review: How the Cowboy Was Won by Lori Wilde

Ember Alzate is a fantastic matchmaker with one big problem: she can't find the perfect mate for herself! Alzate family legend says that when she kisses "the One" she'll hear a mysterious humming in her head. Well, Ember's kissed a lot of guys and she's never heard a thing. Now, instead of searching for herself, she vows to find her best friend, Ranger Lockhart, a bride. It's clear this smart, sexy man just needs to meet the right gal.

Ranger's returned home to Cupid with marriage on his mind, but he's not interested in the parade of women Ember pushes under his nose. His thoughts keep returning to his best friend--with her combustible combination of curves and sass. No one compares to Ember, but what's it going to take to convince her she's the woman for him?
This is a story I was really happy to read. I liked both Ranger and Ember and knew that their courtship was going to be a fun ride. 

Poor Ranger has been in love with Ember for what seems like forever. The sad part is she didn't know at first that she was too. 

I'm not a huge fan of friends to lovers but I do love it more than second chance romance. Saying I'm not a fan doesn't mean that I don't enjoy books with it as their plot, it just means that it's not a favorite plot point of mine. 

This one worked but I think the reason it did is that they had spent so much time apart. I'm not saying you can't be friends with someone you don't spend as much time with I'm just saying that the friendship thins a little. 

It's all fun and games till the first kiss. That's when Ember knows he's her one and only. 

This is a fun quick read that made me chuckle more than once. At times the plot slowed down a bit but it didn't take away from the overall story so I didn't mind it that much. I liked how it took almost to till the end of the story to have them or I should say Ember figure out what they wanted. 

Like most of Wilde's books, I enjoyed it. Easy to read and enjoyable. I would say that this story is even better when read in order of the other books in the series. 

Have any of you read her before? If so, what's your favorite book or series of hers? 


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