Goodbye 2019 & Hello 2020

I know you mostly feel the same way...where has the year gone? One second I was celebrating a new year and the next, we are at it again.

I often joke that once we hit Holloween the year is done. It seems to speed by from there. Fast or slow I've had a wonderful year with you guys. I want to thank you for joining me. With a world filled with tons of blogs, I'm sure it's not hard to find ones to follow so...thank you!

So much has happened this year in the world of publishing. We've had an author say that her husband tried to poison her. Two authors tried to Copywrite words and one author accused a long-time author of copying her book title to make more sales.

Crazy right!

We've lost a few authors. This one makes me so sad. A couple of my favorite authors didn't even have anything out this year. No clue why for most of them. Many of my favorite authors are also now writing women's fiction. Not some I follow but I'm glad for them.

This past year with not as many ARC's to read I was able to read more of my own books. It was nice to make a dent in them. A very slight dent but a dent all the same. I also got back to read J. D. Robb which I'm happy about. I'm hoping soon to be caught up with her.

I started reading a few new to me authors, Melinda Curtis & Jo McNally. I really enjoyed them both. One of my favorite books of the year had to be Reaper by Larissa Ione. OMG! It was the best. It's the type of book that's so exciting you find yourself putting it down and getting up only to sit back down and read some more.

This year has been great and I'm hoping that so will next year. I'm also hoping to get more followers next year. It would be nice. I truly hope your year was a good one. For those of you who's years weren't the greatest, I hope that 2020 will be better for you.


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