Review: Starting Over by Stacy Finz

On the day of her glitzy New York City wedding, society girl Samantha Dunsbury ditches her Wall Street groom, and hops in her convertible. Her only plan is to head west. But when a pit stop lands her at a lovely Victorian inn in Nugget, she doesn’t want to leave. And when the innkeeper needs someone to fill in, Sam is thrilled to take the job—her first! For once, she’s going to do what makes her happy. She just has to figure out what happy looks like. She never expects it to look like her surly new boss…

The last thing Nate Breyer needs is a debutante dilettante mucking up his business. How his sister—and co-owner—could’ve hired Sam is beyond him. Nate’s known women like Sam before—he was engaged to one once. With no options, he’ll just have to keep his eye on her while also keeping his distance. But to his surprise it turns out Sam’s got a knack for the job, and for putting folks at ease—including Nate. As business—and pleasure—heat up their relationship, Nate finds himself ready to do anything to persuade the runaway-bride to stay permanently gone…
I know it doesn't seem like it since I've taken so long to review this series but I really did enjoy it. I just happened to have read a ton of books this year and have tried to fit them all in to be review. I'm going to work really hard to get the rest of the series reviewed this year. 

Fingers crossed! 

Up this time are Nate and Samantha! I really enjoyed them. Poor Nate was so worried about what would happen to his business if his sister and he left Sam in charge of anything. I mean, she has to be flighty she did walk out of her wedding didn't she?

Turns out that Samantha has more up top than anyone ever gave her credit for. Some of that's her fault she allowed her life to be lead. She didn't stand for herself. 

I didn't really care for Nate when I first met him in his sister's book and I have to say that at times he ticked me off in this book too. But as time went on he grew on me. I saw him start to take time for the little things in life. To live and enjoy those around him. He worries so much about business and the people he's in charge of that he forgets to breathe. 

Another person I didn't care for was Sam's dad. He was not likable at all when you meet him. How she turned out so wonderfully I have no clue. 

What I loved is the fact that Nate even though he worried Sam couldn't handle things was so proud of her when she did. They really build each other up even if they don't realize it. It's what makes this an enjoyable romance to read. 

Do any of you read Stacy Finz? If so what's your favorite book or series of hers? 


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