Review: One Christmas Eve by Shannon Stacey

Zoe Randall is busy living her life as she damn well pleases. She’s back in her favorite town, her divorce in her rearview mirror, and living out her childhood dream of running a bookstore with her cousin. She has no interest in the uptight nerd who opened his boring-ass business next to her shop…until he complains about one of her sexy window displays.

Then it’s game on.

Preston Wheeler knows he takes life a little too seriously. But when the saucy bookseller next door starts pushing his buttons, he can feel that changing. Beautiful, vivacious Zoe challenges him in all the best ways, and soon he’s pushing her buttons right back: teasing and flirting all the way through the holiday season.

As Preston loosens up and Zoe is treated to the man behind the suit (particularly his forearms), she realizes she’s more interested than she cares to admit. And Preston comes to see the beauty—the absolute delight—in adding Zoe’s bright splashes of color to his once very black-and-white existence.
I have to admit that I really like One Christmas Eve better than One Summer Weekend. I'm not sure why. Both are very well written with characters I really enjoy. In fact, I enjoyed both stories, but holiday romances are my jam! 

This one started off with a bang. I love how Preston had his nose up in the air about the way the book decorated their windows. I'm use to the women in my books kinda acting stuck up, it was nice to have a man do that. It wasn't over the top so you didn't think him a total jerk, you were just put out about it. 

Soon said window becomes much of a fun point to the story. You'll have to read the book to understand what I mean. Not giving anything away here! 

I love Zoe and felt for her. I really wish the story had some interaction with her parents but I also understood why it didn't. I can't believe parents would act the way hers did but I'm also not shocked. I'm just so happy she has her cousins and grandfather for a family bond. 

The back and forth between these two is so much fun! I kinda wish we had more pages so I could have had more to their story. But I will admit that the short page count didn't detract from it being a wonderfully complete story. It didn't feel rushed or that something was missing like some novella's can feel. Since both stories are novella length you shouldn't have any problem reading them in order and being about to enjoy One Christmas Eve during the holidays. 

I always love reading Shannon Stacy and with One Christmas Eve, it was no different. You'll love these characters and how they interact with each other. They both learn something about themselves and with the help of each other they learn to deal with and grow.

Do any of you read Shannon Stacey? If so, what's your favorite book or series by her? 


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