Review: Getting Lucky by Stacy Finz

From his humble beginnings in Nugget, Lucky Rodriguez has become a champion on the rodeo circuit, truly living up to his name in every regard. But when he returns home, he gets something success can't buy: a daughter he never knew he had. And the girl's mother, an old friend he has hasn't thought about since now touches his heart like no buckle bunny ever could.

Tawny Wade hasn't always had luck on her side. She fell for a boy she couldn't have, lost her parents too young, and now her daughter needs a transplant she can't provide. But if Lucky is a stem cell match, all that could change. The trouble is, Lucky's got a past in Nugget that makes him off-limits as anything more than a donor for her daughter. And yet, Tawny's never stopped loving the man who now holds her family's fate in his cowboy-callused hands...
Those who have been following me know how much I've loved this series. I read the whole series at the beginning of the year and wanted to make sure that before the year ended I reviewed them all. I'm not in a big rush because I left it till it's almost too late. 

Up this time we have Lucky and Tawny. You'll love Lucky right away even though he doesn't always make good choices in women. It will take the right woman for him to see that. This is one of the more emotional stories in the series for me. And that's saying a lot since many of them tug at the heartstrings. 

I think for me it's because poor Lucky is dealing with a crazy ex-girlfriend (wait till you read her story...who knew) and finding out he has a daughter he never knew about. A sick one to boot. 

See what I mean, emotional!

I have to say that sometimes I found myself yelling at characters in this book. I just love it when that happens. I want them to see what was right in front of them. Of course, if they had the book would have been over to fast so it worked out for the best.  

This is one of those books that throw a ton at you and you've got to wade through till the end. I really got tired of Raylene and her father. The man is insane and a bully. At times, mostly in the beginning, Lucky acted a little childish about wanting what couldn't be. I did forgive him because of all he was going through. And deep down he's a great guy. 

I also liked Tawny even though she didn't tell Lucky about his I understood why. I think. I flip flop on my feelings here. It is what it is and no one can go back and change it so everyone has to move on. I think out of all the stories the most happened in this one. It's a very busy story but that only made the romance part better. 

This book is the perfect reason why I read a series in order for the most part. You need to read this before Raylene's story which is at the end. It just works better that way. 

Have you read Stacy Finz before? If so which is your favorite book or series? 


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