Review: The Christmas Wish by Melinda Curtis

Everyone in Sunshine Valley, Colorado, is in the Christmas spirit except for Everett Bollinger, the new town manager. With money tighter than ever, Everett has had to make some tough decisions about the local holiday celebration. And taking the blame has put him in a very un-festive mood.

Rosalie Reyes has big plans to open her new pet shop during the Christmas parade. But it seems like Everett is determined to sabotage the parade and her business too. With the help of the local matchmakers and a rambunctious SaintBernard named Remy, Rosalie is about to unleash the town's holiday cheer and make it a paws-itively amazing Christmas for all. Including a certain town manager who's about to discover the reason for the love.
I couldn't wait to read The Christmas Wish by Curtis. I will admit she's a new author for me and when I saw she had out a Christmas novella I knew I had to try it. I just loved the cute cover! Make you want to join in and enjoy the holidays! 

This is such a cute start to her Sunshine Valley series. Right away you started to understand the town and the people in it. You wanted to know more about everyone. Right away you join into the Christmas cheer that is until you meet Everett.

Boy, is he, one unhappy person!

You pretty much understand why right away. And even though you feel for him, you don't. I know that doesn't make much sense what till you read it. You'll understand completely. Because he's so unhappy he stands in his own way of everything. Happiness, friendships, just a general wanting to be around others. 

Thank gosh for Rosalie. If anyone deserves to running around unhappy it's her. In fact, she has a bigger reason the be unhappy but won't let that stop her from enjoying the holiday cheer with family and friends. 

Now don't think this book is full of sadness because it's not. There is a lot of fun that happens. I totally enjoyed it and I'm so glad that I gave it a try. There are times when these two get together and make me chuckle. The way they flirt is so cute. Of course, since this is a novella they do fall in love very quickly but because of the holiday fun, I don't have a problem overlooking that. Usually, I like my novella's to be second chance romance or friends to lovers. Makes the love more believable. But since it's a holiday romance it works. 

You'll really enjoy this introduction to the Sunshine Valley series and the people who live there. I can't wait for more! 

Have any of you read her before? 


  1. This sounds like such a charming cute romance and look at that endearing cover there!!! LOVE!!


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