Friday Favorites

So as you can see I've added something a little different this year. On Friday Favorites I'll be talking about book-related issues that are favorites of mine.  Remember I do this along with my BFF @ Born to Read Books

As I've mentioned before I love this post. I enjoy sharing with you books that I totally love. Because I love so many it sometimes takes me a while to come up with something. But since we heading towards Thanksgiving I'm going to share two series by the same author that I love. Both are family-driven and it's that what Thanksgiving is all about? The author is Shannyn Schroeder.

The O'Learys 

For Your Love (The O'Malley's)

If you haven't yet read these two series you really should. Read the O'Learys first and then move on to the For Your Love series. You will really enjoy them!


  1. I haven't ever read this author but definitely going to look more into these books on GR. Thanks for sharing love.

  2. I haven't read this author. I'll have to take a look at her books.


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