Book Club Thursday: Reading Challenge 2019

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

This week we are doing...
Clearing Off the Book Shelves 
An author whose books you are +2 behind on 
Read any new to you author 
Any series you are +2 behind on 
Start a new series 
Read a book you’ve had for six months or less 
Read a book you’ve had for over a year 
Read a book you’ve had for over five years 
Read a book you keep meaning to read 

Anything Goes 
Just Because 
Double Dip 
Recommended by 
Second Chance previous read author 
Try again (a book you one gave up on) 
I really tried, but… 

Cover you don’t like 
Mis-match (cover doesn’t fit book) 
Trifecta (cover title & book theme =perfection) 
Single Person 
Body Parts (head only, torso only, etc ) 

Read any Someday...Sunday book
Read any Friday or Sunday book featured by the other blogger

I picked this challenge to do:
Read any Friday or Sunday book featured by the other blogger Must Do Group
Kady Kaspar’s sights have been set on Tucker Turley for far too long—and she’s tired of waiting for Buckhorn’s handsome sheriff to notice her. When a heavy storm brings them together, it’s about time to test the waters and see if the intense attraction she feels goes both ways. Because if it does, he’s about to learn how stubborn she can be…

Of all the things Tucker expected to deal with when the rain started to pour, a litter of stranded puppies and spitfire Kady, who’s determined to seduce him, sure didn’t make the list. Yet there he is, bachelor pad overflowing with furballs and Kady in his bedroom. He’s wanted her for years, but given her family’s prestige, he needs to know that she’s serious before he makes any further moves…but will his caution cost him everything?
I can't believe I saved this one for the next to last post. I think I wanted to hit some of the other challenges before doing one I knew I would like. It wasn't like the book was unknown to me and that I'd have to think about it. Since I figured out at the beginning of the year which book of Born to Read Books I was going to do I kept it for a time where life was busy. The holidays! So I will start off with this book being a Sexy Sunday post for Born to Read Books unfortunately with her new blog design (it looks great, go visit and check it out) I can't find a date on the post but here's the link

What I love about reading Lori Foster is how easy it is to get into her books. She is one of those authors that write about characters you want to know. You feel like part of their families. That's how I felt from the very first Buckhorn Brothers book. 

Right from the start, I understood how Tucker felt. I would want to be careful about making a move on any woman that is related to this family. The men are very protective of them. I was kinda shocked how wrong he was about Kady. I think it's because he spent so much time trying to act like she wasn't there and trying to find the negatives that he didn't notice that they weren't there. The man was blind as a bat. 

Right off the start, I loved Kady. She's so sweet and caring. She's loved Tucker for as long as she could remember and wanted no one else. Sadly it took her a while to show him that fact. 


I'm glad that the author made it where there were both already in love with each other. Kady knowing this and Tucker trying to act like it wasn't fact. It made the short page count work better. What really shocked me was the ages of the brothers. When did that happen? I'm afraid to look back at when I first started reading this series. Ha! 

If you are looking for a fun, family series to read then this is the one. I'm so glad Foster has given you the second generation of this family. 

Have any of you read her before? If so what's your favorite book or series of hers?

December 5th "Holiday Book Trivia"


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