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This year I along with Born to Read Books are doing a few new posts. I love changing things up and around. From now on Sunday's will be Sunday spotlight, where I will talk about all things books or share a book with you. You get the idea!

Today I want to talk about series and binge reading them

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I hate binge reading. Here's the reason why. When you read a book every six months or a year by an author you can enjoy the story and be excited for the next one.  

But, when you binge read I think you really learn a lot about an author. Authors like the rest of us use the same wording for things or will like to have their characters always talk in the kitchen with tea. Little things that when you read the books spread apart you might not notice. But do them back to back and there is no chance of you missing it. 

So answer me this, if I state the reasons above why I don't like reading series back-to-back than why have I spent so much time this year doing just that. 

Yep, here's my dirty little secret, I've been binge-reading series. It all started at Christmas last year when I was talking to my niece about the Nugget series by Stacey Finz. We both had read a different series by her but not this one and my niece started it and was reading them in order and back-to-back. 

So what did I do? I started the first one and the next thing I know I had read ten books. I have to tell you I was a little shocked. This went on and on throughout the year. I now have more than 50 books I still need to review for this year. 

Crazy, I know! 

So now that you know my dirty little secret what about you? Do you like to read a full series at one time or do you read them as they come out? 


  1. I have binge read an entire series when I've found one that I really liked.

    1. I'm shocked that I've done so lately because I don't usually like it.


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