Slay All Day by Cynthia Eden

What happens when a monster hunter falls for his prey?

Harrison Key has one job—hunt and destroy monsters. He’s taken out vamps, shifters, demons…it’s all in a night’s work for him. He protects the innocent and destroys the wicked. Case closed. The job doesn’t pay much and the benefits are literally hell, but a hunter is born to the work. Gifted with super strength and speed, Harrison was created to fight monsters. There is nothing else for him in this world.

Then he meets her.

She looks like innocence but makes him think of the hottest sin. When Harrison first meets Elise Aine, she’s surrounded by vamps who are only too eager to take a bite. Harrison stakes the vamps and intends to walk away from Elise, but she has other plans. She says that she’s under supernatural attack. Elise desperately needs his protection, and she’ll pay any price. One look into her dark and gorgeous eyes, and Harrison can’t walk away. He doesn’t want to walk away. He wants her.

What Harrison doesn’t know…could just kill him.

Elise isn’t human. Not by a long shot. And she’s got big plans for Harrison. Sure, the guy may think he’s a hunter, he may believe that his job is to rid the world of the wicked, but he’s dead wrong. And with her help, Harrison may just turn out to be the wickedest one of them all. Because he’s not really a hunter. He’s something far, far more interesting. And hot. Smokin’, in fact.

He just needs to let his wild side out to play…

As the queen of the fairies, Elise was born to trick and deceive, and, with way too many enemies closing in, she needs the most powerful protector imaginable at her side. Harrison is her destined mate, if he’ll just stop fighting monsters long enough to see that deep inside…he is a beast. A beast like no other. One that can blast fire and soar into the skies. A beast who can only be bound and tamed by love.

Betrayal burns deep and cuts hard.

Can the queen of the fairies show a hunter that even monsters can love? Or when he finds out the truth about her, will rage be all that Harrison knows? Either way, things are about to get red-hot. Watch out for the flames and smoke.
The one thing I can always count on with Cynthia Eden is a wonderfully written story. She has a beautiful way of weaving a tale and charming me with her characters. 

I have to say that I totally love Elise. She spends most of the book cracking me up. I can't help it the girl (elf) is so funny!  I love how she learned so much about herself in this story. She learns that she's more than an evil princess.

Poor Harrison, he's had a hard life. He has shut himself off from those around himself not really knowing why. As they get to know each other better I think he really learns who the real Harrison is. These two might have been pushed together for all the wrong reasons but in the end, they realized what they each meant to each other  

I was saddened that at one point his friends turned on him so quickly. They didn't care about Elise even after she did all she did for them. At that point, I felt they were real jerks and didn't care for them at all. Of course, more happens and some of them turned out to be not that bad of guys. I kinda wished that we weren't left hanging at the end about two of his friends. You'll have to read it to know what I mean. Evil, right! Ha! 

This is a fast-moving, fun story that kept my attention on it. I didn't want to put it down until I knew what happened with both Elise and Harrison and maybe a little spider. Bet you want to read it now to find out more about the spider. Worth it! 

This is the perfect afternoon read that is just in time for Halloween. You won't want to miss out on reading it. 

Do any of you read Cynthia Eden? If so, what's your favorite book or series of hers? 


  1. I love her books, I just read one last month. I haven't read this one.


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