Review: Galahad in Jeans by Jennifer Blake

It was payback, assigning Carla the job of writing the profile for her magazine's Perfect Southern Gentleman contest winner; her boss knows she thinks the Southern Gentleman is a myth. So she's supposed to do a hatchet job on this Redneck Romeo? Fine, she can handle it.

Beau would avoid the starchy lady editor and her magazine feature if he hadn't promised to cooperate; he's an ordinary guy, no matter how often the townsfolk set him up as a hero. Yet the closer he gets to Carla, the more he'd like to be the gentleman she needs....
I was really thrilled when I found this series by Jennifer Blake. I very much enjoy her contemporaries. Galahad in Jeans is the second book in her Louisiana Knights series. Enjoyed book one and really liked book two. 

I love the fact that his aunt who passed away thought he is the perfect southern gentleman and sent his name into the magazine to win. It is so sweet that it's only because of her memory that he talks to Carla in the first place and lets her interview him. 

 I love how Beau grows flowers. It's such a sweet thing, and that it all started with his aunt is sweeter. He really is a true southern gentleman. 

I felt for Carla. Here she is trying to do her job and has a jerk boss who thinks that she would love to go to bed with him and when she doesn't send her out of town for an interview that she thinks will take her a day tops and she'll spend the rest of the time on vacations. 

Both Beau and Carla aren't happy with what is being asked of them but they don't have much choice. Unfortunately, Carla writes a terrible story about Beau when she misunderstands something and then regrets it after sending it to her boss does her best to really get to know Beau. 

These two quickly fall in love and have to deal with Carla's jerk of a boss. Beau handles him much better than poor Carla who freaks out at her bosses treats to publish the pissed off article. 

I love the ending and how these two finally talk and come together. This really is a very sweet story that I was super glad I read. 

Have you guys read Jennifer Blake? If so what's your favorite book or series?


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