Friday Favorites

So as you can see I've added something a little different this year. On Friday Favorites I'll be talking about book-related issues that are favorites of mine.  Remember I do this along with my BFF @ Born to Read Books

I love sharing with you guys books that I read in the past that I just loved. This time I want to share a book with you by Johanna Lindsey that I loved. It's called Warrior's Woman. I can still remember when it first came out and I read it. It was published in 1990. That's was a long time ago. It was a little different at the time. It was like a mashup of historical and futuristic. I enjoyed all three books in the series.

Don't you love the old cover! So, any of you read Warrior's Woman? Are you a fan of Johanna Lindsey or haven't yet tried her books? I would suggest you get to it.


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