Book Club Thursday: Reading Challenge 2019

Welcome to Book Club Thursday!
This week we are doing...

Clearing Off the Book Shelves 
An author whose books you are +2 behind on 
Read any new to you author 
Any series you are +2 behind on 
Start a new series 
Read a book you’ve had for six months or less 
Read a book you’ve had for over a year 
Read a book you’ve had for over five years 
Read a book you keep meaning to read 

Anything Goes 
Just Because 
Double Dip 
Recommended by 
Second Chance previous read author 
Try again (a book you one gave up on) 
I really tried, but… 

Cover you don’t like 
Mis-match (cover doesn’t fit book) 
Trifecta (cover title & book theme =perfection) 
Single Person 
Body Parts (head only, torso only, etc ) 

Read any Someday...Sunday book
Read any Friday or Sunday book featured by the other blogger

I picked this challenge to do:
Read a book you've had for over five years (Clearing off the book shelve group) 

Joining the Navy was the second best thing that ever happened to Justin "Cage" LeBlanc, the rebel son of a no-account convict. The first was Emelie Gaudet, the love of his life . . . until he was forced to leave town and swore there would be snow on the bayou before he ever returned. Now, only his mortally ill grandma can bring the injured Navy SEAL back to Terrebone Parrish, where he must face his past-and Emelie, who's even more beautiful than she was all those years ago.

Bourbon Street blues singer Emelie is once bitten, twice shy. When she learns that Justin is back in town, she wants nothing to do with the once wild Cajun teenager who fled with the law on his tail-and broke her heart. But she can't deny the red-hot attraction between them . . . or his efforts to prove he's finally changed his hell-raising ways. Can she trust that this time the bad boy of the bayou will be the best man for her?
I wanted to read Gage's story from the second he was introduced into the series and then finally his book came out and what did I do? I left it sitting on the shelf collecting dust. 

I have no clue why I did it. 

I'm thinking it was because as a character I built him up so much in my head that I was afraid he wouldn't be able to reach my thoughts of him. 

Crazy, right! 

It's like when I finish a book in a series it sometimes takes me a week to pick up another book. Readers have quirks. It's now out there in the world. 

This year I promised myself I would catch up on a few authors and since I only have this one for Hill I knew I'd get to it soon and I finally did. Color me worried but I still went in. I'm here to say that I'm so glad that I did. I ended up loving Snow on the Bayou. It gave you an insight into who the read Gage is. I was so glad that when his grandma really needed him he was there for her. 

I'm so glad he was able to work out all the past with her and both of them become stronger because of it. 

At first, I wasn't sure if Emelie was the right woman for him. She seemed kinda weak. I know that's a horrible word to describe someone but that's how it first seems. Then you get to know her better and see just how strong she is. 

Finally, she and Gage were able to rekindle the love for each other that they never lost. These two are meant to be together and should have been from the start. Now if only Emelie's father would disappear all would be good. I shouldn't be like that but you'll see when you read it. 

As a whole, this is a wonderful story that I worried about for no reason at all. I'm so glad I finally read it but I'm also kinda sad that we won't be seeing him again. He's one of those characters that I really liked. 

Have you read any books by Sandra Hill? If so, what is your favorite book or series?

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