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This is one of those posts that I love doing. There are so many books that I read in the past that never got reviewed here on the blog. But now with this new post for this year's Book Club Thursday I'll be able to share a few with you.

Detective Nate Darling has put up with a lot of weird things since he's moved back to San Francisco--healing crystals, free range tofu, the SF Giants. But he's drawing the line at psychic dream interpretations.

Tabitha March claims she can see other people's dreams. In fact, she insists she "saw" a murder, and even provides Nate with explicit details of the crime. There's no doubt the curvaceous blue-eyed blonde knows something, but how is she involved? Is "she" the murderer? Because there's just no way that Tabitha can really "see" the killer's dream.

Then another body is discovered, just the way Tabitha described it would be. Now evidence suggests she may be the next victim. And Nate has to reconsider his beliefs or risk losing the woman he has fallen in love with . . . forever.
I love finding older books to review that I read prior to doing the blog. Since I do this because I truly love reading and talking about books sharing with you something I enjoyed is always a fun time for me. 

I will admit it takes me time to figure out what book I want to review. It's always a quick review since I read the story so long ago but since I'm not that bad at remembering the books I've read it's not totally hard either. 

I really enjoyed all the books I've read by Stilling's. They were fun, easy to read books. This series is about the Darling family, all of them are on the side of good. 

I enjoyed both Tabitha and Nate and their story. I loved the paranormal part of it. Her being able to see into the dreams of people is kinda creepy. Not sure I'd want to see into other people's dreams when I'm still trying to figure out my own. 

If I remember right the murder part is kinda weird in a fun way. I know that doesn't sound right but it's how I remember the authors writing. I really do think you'll enjoy this book and the two others that are part of the series. I might have to dig these up and read them again. 

Have any of you read her before? 

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September 19th "Throwback Thursday"


  1. Great post! In fact I was just looking at all the books I have by her a few days ago. Lol


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