WTF Friday

This is something new we (myself along with Born to Read Books) are doing this year. It's where we about something that's bothering us. Fun right! So here is what I want to talk about today.

I want to talk about release dates! 

Why is it that when a book is supposed to be out in August 2019 and doesn't come out you check it and the release date is now 2049? Really!!! 2049!!! Come on, that's just crazy! 

Yes, I know that I seem a little bit insane about this but has happened to not one but two books this year to me. Both had insane release dates. What makes it even worse is not a word from either author. One hasn't talked books in about a year the other just talks about the self-published books she's written.

How fair is any of that to us the readers? I get that stuff happens in authors private lives and that a book they are supposed to write doesn't get written. Fine, but give us something. Just let us know that it will be someday in the future!  

Does this piss anyone else off? 


  1. That's a little crazy. What book is it.

  2. Is this the Maya Banks book? Because I swear that situation makes me the most angry (I honestly think she hasn't finished the book because of how many times its gotten delayed and many books from her other series are getting released. This is something that I will never understand. Most readers are very understanding if the author comes clean and is just honest. So I lose respect for them when this happens.

    1. It's not it's one by Christine Warren. The Banks one sits in my craw too. I'm with you, just give us something every once in a while. Even a I'm still writing it but it's slow going. Something.


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