Review: A Wedding on Lavender Hill by Annie Rains

Event planner Claire Donovan loves giving clients the weddings of their dreams. But that gets tricky when she has to work with the man who recently broke her heart-Bo Matthews. As the son of the groom and owner of the perfect venue in Sweetwater Springs, Bo will be impossible to avoid. But can Claire be this close to her sexy ex without falling for his charms all over again?

Bo's happy for his dad, but he gave up on his own happily ever after when his fiancée left him at the altar. Until he met Claire. She was the first woman who made him think he could fall in love again, which is why he ended things with her so suddenly. But planning a wedding together may be just what this couple needs to remind them that love is always worth the risk.
I've let myself get too far behind on my reviews. Case in point I reviewed the book that comes after this before I did this one. It happens. I bought this one so I didn't feel the rush to review it. I read it right away because how could I not but didn't review right away. 

My bad. 

A Wedding on Lavender Hill is a novella which is part of Sweetwater Springs series. If you've been following me you know how much I love this series. It's part of my comfort reads. I love having a series like that. You know the ones, the series that you can't wait to read and they make you feel soo good after. Like visiting with friends. 

This is a sweet, fast-moving second chance romance. Now saying that doesn't mean that it's all roses and happiness. No, that's stuff these two have to get over. Like the fact that Bo is an idiot. That's right, the hero of the story is such a guy. His reasons for ending it with Clair is just...

You get the picture. 

Of course, he does finally get a clue and smartens up. I was glad because I really enjoyed these two. They are perfect together and you can see that in this book on how they work together. I really like them as a couple. 

This is a sweet romance and great visit to Sweetwater Springs. If you haven't yet visited Sweetwater Springs nows your time. Grab this series before the next one comes out. 

Have you read Annie Rains before? If so which book or series is your favorite?  


  1. Bo is an idiot. LOL That was funny. This sounds like a pretty good story though.


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