Review: Tangled Threat by Heather Graham

A body hanging from the infamous History Tree unraveled their teenage love. Now Maura Antrim is again tangled up with Brock McGovern. Twelve years later, they’re back where that murder occurred—where Brock had been arrested and then released, where Maura had run, too scared to stand by his side. But with two women missing, and Brock now an FBI agent, Maura is determined to help. Together, they’ll have to confront a threat that never died and see if their passion has withstood the test of time.
I will admit that for me reading Heather Graham is always a comfort read. I get into her right away and she can keep me with the story. I love that in the books I read. I will tell you that I haven't read one of her Harlequin Intrigue's in forever. Heck, I haven't read any of those in a long time. 

More often than not I just love her books but this one was 50/50 for me. This is a good, well-written story that didn't 100% work for me. I liked the characters very much and felt they are the main reason to read it. As always Graham writing makes you feel like you are there. She does a wonderful job bringing the place to life. I love when you read a book and you can see it in your head. 

At times I found that the plot drags and it brought down the book for me. I'm not saying that I did like the story, I'm saying it's not one of my favorites. I wish the book was longer because I think that would have helped it. She might have had the word count to read flesh everything out. I'm not into rating books with stars (I'd rather tell you what I think) but if I had to this is a 3-star book. Good, but not great. 


  1. Sorry to hear that this wasn't quite as good as some of her others....she is a hit or miss for me.


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