Review: Let Your Hair Down by Rachel Lacey

Ruby Keller is going rogue, or at least that’s the hashtag she’s using to document her vacation: #RubyGoesRogue. Illness kept her confined to her bedroom for much of her childhood, and as a result, she’s always played it safe, hiding behind her laptop and overanalyzing every decision. When a friend’s wedding takes her to London, she decides to push herself out of her comfort zone and take an uncharted adventure on her laptop, no itinerary, and no one to get in her way. A chance run-in with a handsome British stranger was definitely not on the agenda…

Flynn Bowen travels the globe for his family’s chain of upscale hotels and resorts. He’s struggled to find his place within the business, so when his parents allow him to oversee the construction of a new location in Dubai, he’s determined not to let them down. When he meets Ruby, he’s enchanted by her passion and bravery, not to mention the chemistry between them. If circumstances were different, he could fall for this vivacious American beauty, but fate has only given them one magical day together. Can they find a way to grab their chance at love, or will geography—and their own inhibitions—tear them apart?
I have been totally loving this series by Rachel Lacey. The characters are all lovable and the main story is a little different. It's what brought them all to where they are and it works. 

Up this time we have Ruby's story. Of all the girls she's the quietest. She'd rather play games (get your mind out of the gutter its video games, not sex games) than be out in the world. She a list maker so she's tops on my list. Ask my friends, I'm a huge list maker. Love that about Ruby. 

With her childhood (read the book) you understand why she is the way she is. I loved that after her friends wedding in England she decided to go it on her own and live free, (#RubyGoesRogue) at least for a short vacation. 

I kinda knew what was going to happen but surprisingly it didn't take away from the story. I still really enjoyed it. I think that had to do with Flynn. He's such a sweet, caring person that you can't help but like. He's so perfect for Ruby. Heck, they are perfect for each other. They each have the strengths the other needs in life. The balance between them works so well. 

I loved how sweet he is to her when she needs it most. They fell in love and didn't even know it at first. So cute. Not saying their story doesn't have some pitfalls because it does. Life is seldom easy, but they are so bad that you think "damn man you could do better". 

I would read the series from the beginning it works better that way. You will get the build-up to each new story. And since the girls are all friends you'll want to read all their stories anyways. 

So, have any of you read Rachel Lacey? If so what's your favorite book or series? 


  1. I haven't read this author but dang this book sounds really good.

    1. It is. It's the best of the series. I really enjoyed it.


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