Review: Fighting For Her by Cynthia Eden

He’s been called a beast…and he likes the title.

Rick Williams is big, bad, and not someone you want to have as an enemy. As an agent with Wilde Securities, his job is to kick butt and take names. Protecting and defending—that’s part of his package deal, but his cases don’t usually involve him protecting someone like her.

A crime princess with a body made for the sweetest sin.

Kathleen O’Shaughnessy is the daughter of an infamous mob boss. Her father made sure that she was locked away from the world so Kat didn’t exactly have easy street growing up. Now that her father is dead, she’s suddenly out on her own—and she’s the target of every enemy that her father made in his very long career.

Keep the princess alive. Keep his hands off her.

The government wants to use Kat as a witness to take down what’s left of her father’s organization. To do that, though, Kat has to stay alive. She’s not big into the whole witness protection scene. Boring guys in cheap suits aren’t her thing. Kat needs protection that’s a bit…Wilder. Good thing Rick is up for the challenge. One look at Kat, and her protection—and her pleasure—are at the top of his to-do list.

It’s not the beast that needs taming. It’s the princess.

There are seven days until the trial. Seven days in which Rick has to keep Kat at his side day and night. It should be an easy enough task…but when the bullets start flying and they have to go on the run, Rick finds out that the protected “princess” isn’t who he thought. Kat is about to wreck his world, and it’s gonna be one heck of a wild battle.

He’ll do whatever it takes…

He’ll fight hard and he’ll fight dirty to keep her alive. And he’ll also fight with every bit of his strength to win Kat’s heart. The beast is falling hard and fast…and his princess holds his battered heart in the palm of her hand.
One of the things I love about Cynthia Eden's books other than her writing (which is so damn good) is her characters. It doesn't matter what she writes her characters always make her story. They are so easy to connect too! 

With saying that I wasn't sure at first about Kat. How can you make a mob bosses daughter be good? I guess by not making her 100% good, just 95% good. Her wiggle room for being bad is enough to make her a very fun character. 

I totally loved Kat. Her one-liners cracked me up. At times even I forgot the dangers she was in because of them. You really learn that there are so many layers to Kat. She's really not what she seems. 

I also loved Rick. He's such a wonderful guy. He's good at his job and cares about the people around him. He too has a sad back story just not as sad as Kat's. Right away you can see that even though he doesn't believe for a minute that she's into him he still puts his life on the line for her. 

The action in this one is non-stop and you are kept on the edge to who's the bad people are. I loved that about this story. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the story. I couldn't stop reading it until I was done. 

In the end, there is a fun surprise for readers (I'm not saying what it is) but it holds, for me at least one of the funniest scenes of the book. Don't look or rush to the end to find out what happens, enjoy it as the book unfolds. This is the perfect story for an afternoon read. 

Do any of you read her? What is your favorite book or series of hers? 


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