Review: Don't Give Me Butterflies by Tara Sheets

As the Queen of Impulsive Decisions, Kat Davenport has found herself without a job or a place to live. So settling on Pine Cove Island isn't the sanest choice--meaning it's perfect. Like the mysterious Holloway cousins, Kat has her own unique gift. In her case, it's a knack for communicating with animals. Which makes getting hired at the local animal shelter feel like kismet. Especially when she finds a room to rent at a nearby lavender farm--complete with a sweet landlord and her brawny grandson--a guy who happens to give Kat an all-too-familiar flutter in her stomach...

Jordan Prescott isn't back in Pine Cove to find romance. He's here to sell the family farm, a fact that bewilders Kat. A former foster kid, she can't understand why he'd give up his childhood home. So when the big-hearted beauty starts bringing home strays from the shelter, Jordan is suddenly her adversary. Until their fiery disagreements turn into fiery kisses...

Now Kat is falling for a man who will likely make her homeless yet again. Unless she learns how to lend her considerable powers to taming the beast lurking inside this prince...
I've really been enjoying this series by Sheets. It has a little bit of magic and a whole lot of romance. Two things that make this a really fun series. 

When we met Kat in the prior book you had to wonder about the fact that there seemed to more to her than meets the eye. It seemed that she too had magic in her. She had this wonderful ability to understand and communicate with animals.

It's not until her book you learn why. I bet you guys would like to know how it all came about.'ll have to read the book to find that part out! 

What I will tell you is that I really enjoyed Kat. She seems so sweet and the way she is with animals warms your heart. She does seem at first to be very lonely though. She's all alone in the world and it shows. 

I also liked Jordan and his grandmother. Jodan plays the tough guy, the one that has no heart and is only going to do what he needs to do and leave. Poor Jordan. He soon has a renter (Kat) who is supposed to just take care of the few animals they have. Next thing he knows the animals are multiplying.  

Like I said, poor Jordan. 

For every step forward these two made that took two back. You just wanted to yell at them that they are perfect together why can't they just see that? It might have taken these two a while to figure out they are perfect for one another they do finally figure that out. 

The best part is that so many great things happen to Kat. She learns so much about herself and finally finds happiness all around. I'm was so glad for her. 

I will tell you that this is the type of series that should be read in order. Each story plays out better if you do. They build on each other. I'm really looking forward to Sheets' next book with is Layla's story. You meet her in this book she's best friends with Jordan. See why you should really series in order. 

Has any of you read her yet? If so which book is your favorite? 


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