Excerpt Reveal: The Rogue To Ruin by Vivienne Lorret

Today we have the excerpt reveal for THE ROGUE TO RUIN by Vivienne Lorret! Check it out and be sure to pre-order your copy today!

Title: The Rogue to Ruin

Author: Vivienne Lorret

Genre: Regency Romance

Release Date: July 30th


The Bourne Matrimonial Agency has one rule: Never fall in love with a client, which shouldn't be a problem when one’s faking an engagement to the rogue across the street . . . Ainsley Bourne needs the family business to succeed. But one obstacle stands in her way—Reed Sterling, the huge, handsome, former prize fighter and owner of the gaming hell across the street. His scandalous customers scare off all her marriage-minded patrons and since the devilish brute has no intention of relocating, she sets out to ruin his unsavory establishment. Yet when a vile suitor from her past reappears, Ainsley hastily claims an attachment to the first man who comes to mind . . . Mr. Sterling, to be exact. Reed doesn’t know who is more surprised by Miss Bourne’s declaration. She clearly hates him, and he’d never admit their arguments simmer with unrequited attraction. Something about the pleading look in her eyes calls to Reed, and against his better judgment, he quickly plays the part of the besotted fiancĂ©. Pretending to be in love requires a convincing charade. But with each tantalizing touch and every scandalous kiss, Ainsley starts to wonder if Reed was ever really the enemy at all.

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Amazon | Avon | B&N | iBooks | GooglePlay | Kobo


Amazon | Avon | B&N | GooglePlay | iBooks | Kobo


Boldly, she stared back into the most peculiar eyes she’d ever seen. His irises were near perfect spheres of dye-dipped indigo, all except for one smudge in the left eye and only the left. That strange top quarter portion appeared singed to a bright copper color, like an ember that refused to cool. An ember that might catch fire at any moment. Ainsley could almost feel the heat of it warming her cheeks. But that was silly, of course. The discoloration wasn’t anything more than a form of heterochromia—a term she’d learned shortly after they’d met, finding it among the pages of a medical journal at the lending library. It always made her feel more centered and in control when she could define something she didn’t understand. This was especially true in matters concerning Reed Sterling. “I believe you’re on the wrong side of the street, Mr. Sterling. You won’t find anything of interest over here.” If there was any confronting to be done, she would prefer to be the one to do it. He held her gaze for a moment without responding, then turned to squint at the front of her family’s rented townhouse. “Wouldn’t be too sure. Had to stroll over to see what my prim and proper little neighbor hung on her door, didn’t I?” Her stomach, which had been seated high beneath her lungs, suddenly dropped at the sound of his gravelly, uncultured drawl, her skin drawing tight over her frame. It was the queerest sensation. Why it happened whenever he was near, she could not fathom. Her inner repulsion working its way to the surface? Most likely. She abhorred him and everything he stood for—all manner of savagery and unabashed wickedness. Doubtless, he awoke with a checklist of sins to complete by the end of each day. He’d begin with gluttony, breaking his fast with a dozen coddled eggs and an entire loaf of toasted bread. Then he’d slather each piece with honey, so thick it would overflow and drip down his chin. She slid a cursory glance to that part of him, over the square edge of his jaw, and past a small red nick over the shadowy endysis of whiskers lurking beneath the shaven skin. Her gaze strayed to the bare expanse of his neck. Of course, his cravat was absent. Again. She shouldn’t be surprised to find a sticky amber-colored droplet resting in the hollow beneath the protrusion of his Adam’s apple. Regrettably, the errant thought caused her mouth to water, her tongue tingling with an imprudent craving for sweets. Ainsley swallowed.


About Vivienne Lorret: USA Today bestselling author VIVIENNE LORRET transforms copious amounts of tea into words. She is an author of several Avon series including the Wallflower Wedding series, the Rakes of Fallow Hall, the Season’s Original, the Misadventures in Matchmaking, and the upcoming Mating Habits of Scoundrels.   

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  1. Wow! Just look at the cover! Hot! And I like the sound of the blurb. Thanks for sharing the excerpt!


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