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This is one of those posts that I love doing. There are so many books that I read in the past that never got reviewed here on the blog. But now with this new post for this year's Book Club Thursday I'll be able to share a few with you.

For heiress Cecily Culpepper, wedding bells and jingle bells tend to ring in lousy tidings. Ever since her scheming husband skipped town after their Christmas Day nuptials, she's drowned her Yuletide sorrows in headline-making misadventures. Regardless of who's to blame, the holiday has been jinxed, and this season starts out no differently. First, Hannah, a stepdaughter she never knew existed, shows up on her doorstep. Then Cecily's father hires an insolent new chauffeur named Mack, who arouses her temper--among other things--even as he winds himself around her carefully guarded heart like so much ribbon...

Mack Armstrong comes from a long line of blue collars, not bluebloods. But when the no-nonsense cop goes undercover to capture Cecily's doublecrossing spouse, everything suddenly gets seriously complicated--with complication number one being Cecily herself. Mack's never met a woman as crazy, as pampered--or as gorgeous. And when she reveals her softer side while planning a special Christmas for Hannah, Mack realizes he wouldn't mind holding her hostage under the mistletoe forever. The problem is figuring out how to make Cecily understand his deception...and believe that all he wants for Christmas is her love.

Since it's July and we are doing our "golden oldie" post why not find a Christmas story to read. Okay, this came to me as I was in my basement going through books to donate. I found Making Merry by Dixie Kane and knew I had to reread it. 

Unfortunately, Ms. Kane is no longer with us. She passed away some time back which is a shame because I think we'd all be enjoying her books right now. She only wrote three books but each of them made me chuckle. 

As I was quickly rereading Making Merry I realized how dated it was. Which kind of made me feel old. Ha! 

I will admit that Cecily comes off as very superficial but you need to see what's behind the face she shows the world. She learned a long time ago not to show the real her. I get why Christmas is horrible for her. Hell, it would suck for anyone. But to see what she does to make Hannah, a child she didn't even know about happy made my heart happy. 

Now Mack is in a shitty position. He has a job to do and part of that job isn't to fall for Cecily or Hannah either. But some things are out of your control. Yes, he does his job but that doesn't stop him for caring or hoping for a future. 

I really enjoyed this madcap tale. Like I said slightly dated but still funny and an enjoyable read. I'm so glad that I found it while cleaning. I think if you read it for what it is you'll truly enjoy it. 

So my question to you is have any of you read her before?  

This is very had to find due to the fact that it's old and the author is no longer around. Your best bet is to keep your eyes open at second-hand stores. 

July 18th "Throwback Thursday" 


  1. It was super cute! And yes totally hard to find a copy but worth the read if you can

  2. I haven't read it before but it sounds like a great story.

    1. It was. I'm not surprised many missed it. She only wrote three books before her passing.


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