Sunday Spotlight

his year we, myself along with Born to Read Books are doing a few new posts. I love changing things up and around. From now on Sunday's will be Sunday spotlight, where I will talk about all things books or share a book with you. You get the idea! 

I want to know, Do you read more in the summer or winter? Or do you do the same all year long?

You would think that one would read more in the winter because you're stuck in the house but that's not what happens for me. I think I read about the same year-round. I will admit that this year I've read a ton more than what's normal for me. I have so many books to review and I've been lazy about reviewing them. I will get to them so don't worry. 

So what about you?


  1. I read about the same all yer long.

    1. That's me too. I only really totally slow down around the holidays. Too much to do in such a short time.

  2. I attempt to read the same all year long. Really, though, it depends on the herd and how they're doing. Spring may slow me down a little because of getting the garden in order with planting but still I read a ton then :)

    1. I slow down during the holidays. I try to keep up with my reading all year long too.


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