Review: Mated to Three Werebears by Natalie Kristen

Betrayed and sold by the very people she loved and trusted, Penny Dawson resolves to make her escape and live. She runs, but not far enough.
When the wolves close in on her, Penny knows that she will be captured and tortured.
Her hopes of getting out of this alive begin to fade...until three powerful bears show up.

Trespassers mean trouble.
When werebears Ryder, Dillon and Ford detect the unwelcome scent of wolves on their land, they follow the scent and witness an incredible scene.
A wounded human female is fighting a pack of wolves on her own, and screaming insults at their leader.
The woman has a death wish, but they are not about to let her die.

Penny finds herself in the house and arms of three insanely hot, hunky lumberjacks.
As she fights her growing attraction to her three fierce, handsome protectors, Penny has to grapple and come to terms with the harsh and heartbreaking reality of her situation.
But the ugly truth is always better than a beautiful lie.

Because truth hurts...but lies kill.

This is the first story I've read by Natalie Kristen. I love trying new to me authors. It's always fun to see if I'll like them or really, really, hate them. 

When I choose this one to read I was looking for something different. Yes, I do read paranormals, but I hadn't in a while plus this one is a little sexier than my usual paranormals. You did see in the title where it said three, right? So I thought, why not! 

I have to say, I'm so glad that I did. 

I really loved this book. I will admit that it seems like most of this authors stories and novella's but from the ones I've read, I don't feel like I really missing much. I'm still reading them so we'll see. 

I really enjoyed the interaction between Penny and the three bears. They are so sweet to her and I love how quickly they know she's the one. That's the great thing about paranormal's at times, they can cut out a bit of the back and forth as the couple fall in love because they can sense their true one and only right away. 

That takes away the rushed feeling you might get. You get why they meet and fall in love within the same paragraph. The paranormal's know right away, the human might take a few more sentences to catch up but they usually do quickly. 

This is a fun, quick story that if you love paranormal's is perfect to read. Yes, she is shared by three men but I have to admit the story is more about their relationship then taboo sex. Which in a way makes it even better, more real. Yes, they have sex but that's the focal point of the story, the relationship is. The sex is just a bonus. 

I'm so glad that I found this new to me author. I will let you in on a little secret I'm eating up her library. By the end of summer, I'll have them all read.  

Have any of you read her before? 


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