Review: Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness by Sandra Hill

Merrill Good knows there are many different kinds of exciting. There’s the adrenaline rush he experienced during his years in the military. There’s the thrill of starting up his own treasure hunting company. But topping them all is the surge of exhilaration he feels every time Delilah Jones crosses his path. Smart, voluptuous, and outspoken, Delilah is a bombshell with a secret that could explode at any moment.

Since Delilah moved to Bell Cove to take over her great-uncle’s Elvis-themed diner and motel, the locals have been nothing but friendly. And that’s a problem. The moment someone gets close enough to figure out her ex-con past, her future will be jeopardized. But keeping Merrill at arm’s length isn’t easy when the rest of her body has other ideas.

Add to the mix Delilah’s little girl who fashions herself “Little Orphan Annie,” a former showgirl grandmother with a gambling problem, a whole town full of quirky matchmakers, and there’ll be fireworks long after the Fourth of July . . .
I don't know about other Sandra Hill readers but for me, this book was a long time coming. I can remember when we first met Geek. He seemed so little boyish. I know that sounds weird but for those who read Hill, you'll understand. When we first met him he was young and on top of that, he looked young. He had and still has, a baby face. 

From the beginning, he was one of those characters that you wanted their stories. He was so smart and seemed better suited for a classroom than being in the military. For me, that's what makes him such a good characters. He's much more than he seems. I understood why he didn't have his own book before this, he needed to grow up, literally! He was young and needed some life behind him before he was ready for his story. 

But now he's come of age and I was so excited about that. How could I have not been! Love me some Geek! 

Those of us who know Geek know that he needed a special woman in his life. Not any woman would do. She needed to be special. He needs someone who can mentally keep up with him, not so much with the same IQ, but someone who could talk to him at the end of the day. It's no fun when you have to explain the simple things in life to someone. 

Right away Delilah intrigued me. I wanted, no, needed to know more about her. For Geek's sake of course. As much as the author gives you she keeps a lot back too. I don't hold what happened in her past against her, but I also feel it wasn't explained enough. I needed more backstory on this. I'm just that type of person, I'm the why, asker. 

I loved both Delilah's daughter and grandmother. Both are funny and entertaining. They add to the mix of the craziness of the town. Sounds like a fun place to live. I love how the book ended and was left wanting more of the fun people of Bell Sound. 

So, have you every read Sandra Hill? If so what is your favorite book or series? 


  1. This does sound really good. I haven't read this author but maybe I should.

    1. Oh you should. She does paranormal's too. Or did. Very funny!


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