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So as you can see I've added something a little different this year. On Friday Favorites I'll be talking about book-related issues that are favorites of mine.  Remember I do this along with my fellow BFF @ Born to Read Books

One of my favorite things about small-town books

I read romance for many reasons, I love the happy endings but I also love how they touch on things we go through every day. One of my favorite things is how everyone knows everyone else.

I love small-town romance. In real life, I don't want to get to close to my neighbors because I've watched Fear they Neighbor on the ID channel. I'm no fool!  I do think that small-town romances make great series. They add so many different layers to it.

With the small-town, you get to know all the characters in the town. You learn who they are by how the other characters describe them. Each character has a different thought about them. It's like learning both sides of a person.

I also feel that you really get to know the town. It's almost like you live there. Each book adds more to the town that you slowly get the picture of it. When a character is mentioning the downtown area of their town I don't want to have them go through it all again, I want to see it from how each of the books prior mentioned it. By the fourth or fifth book, you should have an idea of what is where.

This is only one reason I like small-town romance, I have a bunch more reasons. But now isn't the time for those. So, who likes small-town romances? What's your favorite part of them?


  1. I like small town romance because you gt to know the people in the town.

  2. I love the small town romances, too, but, yeah, I avoid my left door neighbor like the plague. Across the road one maybe like a cold. lol

    1. Ha! I'm wave friendly or stop and chat for a second with mine but not close friends. The only one we really talk to is on our left.


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