Book Club Thursday: Getting to know Us!

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

This week we are doing something fun. We are asking each other five yes or no question. Here are my answers to both my questions and the ones asked by Born to Read Books. To know her answers you must go to her blog

My answers to Born to Read Books questions

I carry a book (almost) everywhere I go Yes

I won’t read a book’s review until AFTER I’ve read the book (if at all) Yes

I’ve bought a book for the cover alone Yes

I have multiple copies of the same book Yes

I’d give up TV before books Yes

My questions to Born to Read Books that I answered

Have you ever written a bad review and wish you hadn't? No

Have you ever said you finished a book when you didn't? Yes

Have you ever returned a book that you read first? No

Have you ever stopped reading an author over one bad book? No

Have you ever written a good review of a bad book because you like the author? No

We'd love for you to share your answers to any of the questions posted. 

June 20th "Throwback Thursday"


  1. Interesting questions. I take a book with me everywhere too. I read reviews before I read books a lot of time. Sometimes the review makes me buy the book.

    1. I always try to take a book with me too. I find that you know never know when you can find time to read.

  2. Books go with me, too :) I tend to skim reviews if it looks like one I'll want to read but don't full read the reviews first if that makes sense. lol I have quit an author over a book if it's bad enough. Shoo.

    1. I won't stop reading a author if I read one of their books and it's not for me. I will try them again and if it happens then I'm done.


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