Review: The Wedding Party by Cara Connelly

Ellie Marone vows she’ll be the best maid of honor, ever. All she has to do is:

- stuff the bride into a too-tight gown,

- pop the champagne and keep it flowing,

- resist falling into bed with the best man.

How hard can it be?

Harder than she thinks, because the best man is super-sexy SWAT hero Ryan Murphy, who happens to be Ellie’s ex-boyfriend. The guy who proposed to her three years ago, then moved to LA when she turned him down. The guy who broke her heart.

Now Ryan’s back in Maine for the wedding, and he hasn’t given up on Ellie. He knows how good they are together, and he’ll use every minute of the wedding weekend—and every sexy trick in his playbook—to make sure Ellie remembers too.

Ellie wants to resist him, but the heat in Ryan's eyes is torching her best intentions. If she’s not careful, the next walk down the aisle might be her own…

I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw The Wedding Party come up for review. Not the book so much as the author. I've always enjoyed her books and she hasn't one in since 2015. I was passed worried that we'd get a new one. 

I guess I shouldn't have been! 

Even though The Wedding Party is only a novella it reads like a full-size paperback. It's one of the things I really enjoy about her. You get bang for your buck. I was so thrilled to have a heroine that was much more mature than what we usually get in romance. In fact, her age was the focal point of the story. Or maybe I should say part of it. 

Ellie has a ton of hangups, most of them started when she lost her husband. Understandable. Big losses like that can really shape a person and not always in the best of ways. She learns to lean only on herself and never, ever get that close to anyone. 

Bring in the younger man. 

How can you get close to one of them? They want different things for their future than you do. Like maybe children. 

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. I just love this man. Since you are into older woman...hey!!! 

He's just the sweetest guy who loves Ellie and her grown children. Yes, he's almost ten years younger than Ellie but once you hit a certain age does that matter anymore?  He loves her and that's all that should count. 

What draws me to him is the fact that he cares about her and her family. It shows in all he does and says. He's truly hurt by her breaking up with him and fights to get her back. These two need a HEA! 

I totally loved this story it's well-written and fast-paced. It's an afternoon read. My favorite type. You can read it as a standalone but I suggest going to the beginning of the series and reading it as a whole. You'll be glad I suggested it. Very good series. 

So, have any of you read her before? Who's going to try her? Share with us! 


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