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This year we, myself along with Born to Read Books are doing a few new posts. I love changing things up and around. From now on Sunday's will be Sunday spotlight, where I will talk about all things books or share a book with you. 

This week I want to talk about "Reading Book Order"

So for me this one very important. I have to, not I need to read books in order. I love the rhythm of a series read in order. Yes, this may sound silly but for me, it's not. 

Books read in order helps form the world that the author is writing. As you continue with the series you are able to picture not only the characters but the town, city, hell, the apartment they live in. 

I find with a series read in order I can just lose myself in the book. I already know what's happened in the past for the characters that are now together and don't feel dragged out to the story to stop and think, I wonder if they had a book, or, what was their secret? 

Since I read the series in order, I know. 

So, what about you? Are you a series in order reader or do you not care and read willy nilly? Share your thoughts with us! 


  1. I like to read series in order but if I win a book or pick up a freebie that happens to be in the middle of a series I can do that too.

    1. I find that if I read out of order for whatever reason I won't go back to the book before it. Weird, I know!


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