Book Club Thursday: Getting to Know Us!

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today for Getting to Know Us I am answering my own questions from last month that I gave Born to Read Books, here's the link .

Who or what influenced your love for reading
My family. It's just something that was always encouraged in our family and we all did it. We've even passed it on to the generations coming behind us.

How over the years has your taste in reading changed
I started like most and read some kids books but from a very early age I jumped into fiction books. I started reading general fiction when I was most likely to young to do so but still I did it. Then one day I was given a romance book and that started my love affair with the romance genre. Since then that's all I read.

What 5 authors do you think others need to read
That's such a hard question, so why the hell did I come up with it? I have a ton of favorite authors but right now here are my top.
Shelly Laurenston
Donna Alward
Debbie Mason
Laura Trentham
Lynsay Sands

What won't you read (genre, writing style and so forth)
For me this is easy. I hate and try not to ever read first person. Once in awhile I agree to review one not knowing they are first person. Other then that I keep away from it. I also don't read any other genre's but romance. I might be boring but it works for me. I find that if you want to read and enjoy what you're reading then you have to read what's calling to you.

Why do you read?
Because I have to. My soul makes me. Weird answer I know but other readers will get it. I just have to read. It's kinda like breathing for me. If I didn't do it I would always feel like I was missing a part of myself. Not only does reading make me happy it's brought me some of my best friends. It's also given me a community where I can talk to others that also love what I love. 

We'd love for you to answer the questions and share with us your thoughts. 

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