WTF Friday

This is something new we (myself along with Born to Read Books) are doing new this year. It's where we about something that's bothering us. Fun right! So here is what I want to talk about today.

Don't you love when you are waiting for a book to come out and...nothing. You aren't told when it will come out or even if it will come out. No noise about it from the author, publisher or even the book community. 

I hate that crap. Just fess up to what's going on. If you can't write it we will understand that more then it seeming that you don't care at all. Giving a little is better then nothing. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this so share them with us! 


  1. Yeah sometimes authors are writing 2 or more series at the same time so the ones I like to read only release a book every 2 years. I'm lucky sometimes and will hear about a new book once a year for the series that I've been reading for years.

    1. It's seems like some of my favorite series have many books out in the year. I can be kept very busy.


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