Sunday Spotlight

This year we, myself along with Born to Read Books are doing a few new posts. I love changing things up and around. From now on Sunday's will be Sunday spotlight, where I will talk about all things books or share a book with you. 

This week I want to talk about hardcover vs paperbacks vs ebooks

What's your favorite to buy? Do you buy your favorite author in hardcover or wait for it to come out in paperback? Or are you a ebook person all the way?

I don't often buy hardcovers and really don't understand why romance books are in hardcover. I wait for the paperback to come out. Is it a matter of being cheap? You got it. For the price of a hardcover I could almost three paperbacks or ebooks. Maybe more ebooks depending on their cost but they aren't always better priced then a paperback. 

So share with us all your thoughts on this. I'd love to know. 


  1. I get all 3 but if it's a book in a series that I really want to read I'll get the hardcover. Most times I wait for the paperback though.

    1. I get all three too. I don't often get hardcovers though. Too much money.


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