Springtime at Hope Cottage by Annie Rains

When opposites attract...

As an editor at a major New York City magazine, Josie Kellum is always on the go...until an injury sidelines her in the small town of Sweetwater Springs. Luckily, her new physical therapist is easy going and easy on the eyes. When their sessions start to heat up, in more ways than one, Josie is intrigued. But she has a city and career she loves waiting for her. So why does the thought of leaving him suddenly feel a lot like leaving home?

Tucker Locklear is just starting to move on after his wife's death. While he can't deny his attraction to the gorgeous, vivacious Josie, he won't risk the pain of losing someone again. The sooner he gets Josie back on her feet and back to her real life, the safer he'll be. But in Sweetwater Springs, love has a way of mending even the most damaged heart.

For me as a reader there is nothing better then being able to get into a series. I just love the layers that a series brings you. Each book you get to learn more about the prior characters along with the supporting characters. Not to mention the hero and heroine of the book. 

What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good series. 

As you can see I just finished the second book in the Sweetwater Springs series by Annie Rains and I've really been enjoying it. The first book in the series the characters had their issues but I think in this one the characters had even more. 

Poor Tucker, he was so sad and shut off from everyone. He just could move on in life. He was stuck in his grief. You can't help by feel sorry for him. In your heart you know that all he needed was a special someone to bring him into the living. 

What he does and how he does it for a living is wonderful. He helps people without them feeling like it's all work. Great guy. 

Josie's past has formed her into a single minded workaholic that is running from the hurt. A busy mind doesn't have time to think. It also doesn't have time to really live either. 

I loved how much she loved her job and how good she was at it but everyone needs a life. And since her new boss is a dick it's time to find that life. 

Their romance is very rocky. It starts off very slow (the romance, not the book) and then almost becomes to easy for them. They work out pretty good and have very little if any conflict between them. Then Tuckers life changes and Josie tries to make a sacrifice for what she thinks is right. Silly Josie. running never fixes anything. 

This is a wonderful written romance that will make you wish you could visit this town. I look forward to more books in the series and I'm hoping that she really adds to the characters of this little town. Have any of you read Springtime in Hope Cottage or any other books by Annie Rains? Share your thoughts if you have. 


  1. I love finding a good series I can sink into.

    1. Me too! This one is like that. Right away I wanted more from other characters. I knew I was hooked.

  2. I am glad to see that you are enjoying this series. I have heard of this author but haven't read her yet.


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