Book Club Thursday: Getting to Know Us

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

This week we are doing our getting to know us post where we will be asking each other five questions. Here are the answers by Born to Read books of the questions I asked her. Stop by her blog to see what questions she asked me. 

Who or what influenced your love for reading
I thank my mom for bringing books into my life when I was young. I was bullied as a child and didn’t have but a few friends so books were a huge part of my life (and still are).

How over the years has your taste in reading changed
I’m of the belief, if it sounds /looks good – I’ll read it, no matter what genre it is. That said, I grew up reading romance but these days most of what I read are mystery/thrillers.

What 5 authors do you think others need to read
Oh geez. That’s a tough one but maybe because I’m making it so! LOL In no real order and for no other reasons than I think each of these authors all bring something to the table for various reasons 
J R Ward
Judy Blume
Riley Sager
Ruth Ware
Laurie Notaro

What won't you read (genre, writing style and so forth)
New Adult romance in the first person alternating POV between the hero and heroine.

Why do you read?
Simply put : to escape from my day to day life and enrich it.

February 21st "Throwback Thursday"


  1. My mom also influenced my love of reading. She used to give me all the books she read.

    1. Love those people who influenced us. Mine was my aunt. She'd read a book and then give it to me.


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