Books on my List for this Tuesday

There is always so many wonderful books to buy each week. All of us are looking to buy different ones so this is the ones that I would like to buy or will be buying. I will also be throwing some in that I've read in ARC form that I think you'd like.

On sale 1/22/19

A very short list for me this week. So what are you looking forward to buying and reading? Give us a shout out what's on your list for 1/22/19!


  1. I am picky about Jill Shalvis, her books aren't easy to get into for me but I hear great things about this one here. Hope you enjoy it. I am super stoked for the Tillie Cole book and Sarina Bowen's.

  2. I've only read 1 Jill Shalvis book but I really liked it so I need to read more of her.


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