Book Club Thursday: Upcoming Books, I WANT THAT!

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday!

Today we are doing a fun post called I WANT THAT! We are talking about the books coming out in 2019 that we can't wait for. Back a few years ago you'd know what was coming out next December but it seems that lately you and knowing less and less until only a month or so before they are out. Okay, maybe a little long than that. So here are a few I can't wait for next year.

Out 3/26/19

I have to start with this one. I totally love her shifters and this series is sooooo good. If you haven't yet read her, why!

Out 6/25/19

I was hoping to read this one in 2018 but it was pushed back. I love this new series by her. So good. 

On sale 6/11/19

I have very much been enjoying this series and can't wait for this next one. She writes good small-town stories. 

On sale 10/29/19

I still have the first two books in this series to read. I've been holding off waiting for this one to come out so that I wouldn't forget what it's all about. The other two came out in 2012 or 2013. We've waited a long time. 

I have so many more I want but here are a few. This post would go on for way to long if I posted them all. So, what books are you looking forward to in 2019? Share with us! Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

December 13th "Riddle Me This"


  1. Great choices and yes, it seems harder now to know what's being published now that the "book bible " is no longer published each month. I don't know why someone else doesn't start one up

    1. I don't either. I like where I know all the romance books coming out for the month. It made things so much easier to buy books. I keep forgetting about ones I want until I see them days or weeks later.


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