Book Club Thursday: True Confession

Welcome to Book Club Thursday!

Today we are doing...
For this post we each have to confess to a secret. Are you ready to find out what mine is? 

So what should I confess to you? I really thought about this for a while. I didn't want you to think I phoned it in so I went over a few topics before I decided on the one that worked the best for this post. 

So here's what I came up with...I sometimes just don't feel like reading.

I know, that's crazy for a book reviewer but all the same there it is. There are times that I'm just burnt out from all the reading. I do it to myself, I sign up to read a crap load of books in one month and then when I finally get them all done my brain is just blown. 

I keep telling myself not to do this to myself but at times I still do. Then when I decided to take a small break from upcoming books and read some of the millions I have sitting on my shelves or in my kindle and nook what do I do...nothing! 

That's right, I do nothing. I sit there and read nothing. 

What I find really funny is that as I'm reading a book I can think of at least 10 books that I have that I want to read very bad. Of course I don't. I just stare at them and read nothing. 

I'm sure we all go through this at one time or another but that doesn't stop me from hating when it happens. It's like I'm wasting time, or I also know those wonderful series that I love are adding up and I'm getting behind. I'm behind on so many!!! 

So what about you, do you ever find yourself not wanting to read? Not being able to get into anything no matter what you do? I'd love to hear your thoughts about this. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! Stop by Born to Read books and see what they are confessing. 

November 22nd "Reading Challenge 2018"


  1. I get the same way. I only read a few books a month and the holidays keep me busy so I hardly read this and next month.


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