Welcome to Someday...Sunday! 

Each Sunday on my Facebook page I post a picture of a book that's on my shelves that I'm hoping to read soon. I thought I'd also post it here for those who don't follow my Facebook page. This is what I picked for this today #SomedaySunday

This ones been sitting there since January 2015. I think I didn't read it right away then I found out she did some of her book series in first person and I don't read those so I didn't push this series. I know this only makes sense to me. I'm going to at least read this series since I have it. Have any of you read her? 

I don't do #SomedaySunday alone, Born to Read Books also does. it.

Make sure to stop by my Facebook page and tell us about a book you've been meaning to read. 


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