Review: The Christmas Key by Lori Wilde

The Christmas Key
Twilight, Texas #9
Lori Wilde
Avon Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Christmas
Pages: 400
Format Read: eARC
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss 

There’s a legend in Twilight, Texas. If you sleep with a kismet cookie under your pillow on Christmas Eve, you will dream of your one true love.

She saw him in her dreams…

It’s impossible! Naomi Luther was standing face to face with the man she’d dreamed about over a year ago. Was it the magic of Kismet Christmas cookies that brought him to her? Or is there even a greater force at work? All Naomi knows is she is falling, hard and fast, for the one man all good sense says she should not have.

She was his best buddy’s sister…

Rebellious Mark Shepherd found order in the Marines but chaos on the battlefield. In a mission gone wrong, Mark is injured and his best friend loses his life. Haunted by guilt, he arrives in Twilight to keep a solemn promise. But when the Luthers mistake him for their handyman, he’s swept up in playing Santa to his buddy’s orphan son…and falling hard for Naomi’s irresistible bright spirit and sweet, sexy smile. But what will happen when she learns the truth?


Here we are back in Twilight, Texas. I just love this town and the people in it. Also throughout the story I'm always thinking about cookies so that's a plus in my books. You've got to read the books to understand what that statement means. 

Or just look at the blurb. What ever is easier for you. Ha!

This one was a very emotional one. Poor Mark is beating himself up for something that's not his fault at all. His guilt is eating him alive. Not only is he dealing with his shit, the Luther's are dealing with the fallout of what happened to their son/brother. 

Like I said, so emotional. The great part is a Christmas story is made for emotions. It's the time of giving and forgiving. Time to give up your worries for a little bit and be with family and friends. Time to remember those who've passed with a happy heart. Yes, even a little bit of sadness for what's not. 

Right away I liked both Mark and the Luther family. Mark for being such a good guy even when he doesn't believe it himself, and the Luther's for taking him in. Poor Mark needs to work out his guilt and Naomi needs someone in her life that makes her think about herself first every once in a while. 

These two together and perfect they just work. They crack me up with the way the tease each other. Right away you see how well the fit. They mesh well together. Mark is also so good with a confused little boy who keeps calling him daddy. Not once does he make a big deal out of it and acts like he needs to run away from that title. 

Together they are so good. They have a bunch of things to work out, her boyfriend and his not telling the truth but once they do, it's clear sailing from there. 

You'll enjoy this book/series. The Christmas Key is easy to read and makes but yearn for the holidays. You'll also enjoy the ending where you learn a twist/secret. This is the perfect story to read with the Christmas tree lights in the background. 

If you've read The Christmas Key or any other books by Lori Wilde I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡


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