Review: Christmas at First Creek Farm by Joss Wood

Christmas at First Creek Farm
Joss Wood
Tule Publishing
October 30th 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 203
Format Read: eARC
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Closing in on thirty, Fia Price craves a new and more meaningful direction for her life. Walking away from her successful modeling career, she heads to Texas for the Christmas holidays to inspect a small ranch she and her brother's have recently inherited. Sorting through her great aunt’s bulging cottage gives Fia the time and space to consider a new career, but since her brothers want to sell the property, her time in Texas is limited. But when she meets Gib Donovan and his adorable young son, living in Texas suddenly becomes so much more attractive. And as they spend time together in the weeks leading up to Christmas, Fia discovers her new career but also finds herself wanting to say yes to so much more than a land sale—if she can find the courage to start a new, completely different life.

Sexy cowboy and rancher Gib Donovan wants to focus on his son and his ranch. Fia Price with her beauty, sparkle and sense of fun is making that near impossible. She’s waking up parts of him that he hoped would stay asleep forever. He doesn’t want to hope again. Or lust. Or trust. And he definitely thinks love is off the table, but with Fia, everything seems possible—a magical Christmas for his son, and a new future for them both.

So I'm going to be honest here and tell you all that the only reason I decided to read this book was because of the cover. I don't usually fall for the pull of the cover but once in a while it grabs me and won't let go. 

The cover for Christmas at First Creek Farm is just that kind of cover for me. 

From the second I saw it I knew that I'd have to read the book. The only thing that stopped me at first was because of how many books I had to read before the end of October. 

I know you can tell that I'm weak because after a few days I gave into the draw of the cover and requested it. The real scary part, besides not have a great amount of time to read it, was the fact that this was a author that I hadn't read or even heard of before seeing this cover. 

Yep, the draw of the cover. 

So I down loaded it and the first second I had I started it. It helped that the book I read prior to this one was so good that I flew through it. Not to worry that review is coming soon. With having the time I started it and read it in one sitting. Something I don't often do. Between playing on Facebook and some fun games on my phone along with the TV it sometimes (most of the time) takes me till the next day to finish a book. 

For whatever reason I started this one and flew though it. That's how good it was for me. I really got into the characters and the people. In fact I wanted more. That's how many of the characters jump out at you. I love a author that can leave me wanting more. 

You will be heartbroken for Gib and his past. What he had to go through, sucked. What sucks more is how blind he is to what he could have if he only opened his eyes. Some people refuse to see the truth in front of them until it smacks them in the face. 

Gib is one of those people. Even with him being like that I truly enjoyed him. He's a wonderful father and brother. He tries not to but cares about those around him. 

I loved Fia. She too has a few things in her past that suck. She too lost her family and now really feels the loneliness. I so wanted to give her a hug. You also enjoy her sense of humor. Cracked me up more then once. 

These two together are perfect and even though they had a rock road before admitting to true love they are perfect together. This is a great holiday story to read and as I said it's very easy and fast to read. Just what you need during the busy holidays. 

I really hope this isn't the only book in this town. I want more of the charcters to have their own stories. 

If you've read Christmas at First Creek Farm or anything else by Joss Wood I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡


  1. I get books because of the covers too. I love it when a book gets read in one sitting because I can't put it down.


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