Book Club Thursday: Getting to Know Us

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday!

This week we are doing our

1. Do you like first person POV?~~No

2. Do you get tired of “perfect” looking main characters?~~Yes

3. Do you like “imperfect” characters?~~Yes

4. Do you like that most books are now part of a series?~~Yes

5. Do you like books with an alternating POV?~~No

6. Do you read category romances?~~Yes

7. Small town vs big city~~Small Town

8. Jill Shalvis vs Susan Mallery~~Jill Shalvis

9. 300 pages vs 500 pages~~300 Pages

10. Firemen vs Cops~~Firemen

11. Heroine driven vs Hero driven~~Hero driven

12. Historical vs paranormal~~Paranormal

13. Novellas vs Mass Market~~Mass Market

14. Hot (not erotica) vs Sweet~~Hot

15. Fiction vs Non-fiction~~Fiction

I thought this was going to be so easy but I really had to think about my answer. Some of them both worked for me so I went with what was more important to me. What about you? We'd love for you to answer the questions too in the comment section. Just use the numbers to make it easier. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡


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  1. I like that a lot of books are part of a series too and that a lot of times they can be read as stand alones.


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