Book Club Thursday: Getting to Know Us!

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing 

I gave these questions to Cyndi @ Born to Read Books on April 5th. Go check out her answers here. Now it's my time to answer my own questions!

1. If you could meet any character who would it be and why?
 Of course if I had to pick just one I'd pick Brodick Buchanan. Anyone who knows me knows this answer!

2. Have you ever visited a place because you read about it? Where was it and why?
Yes, when I was in Maryland we went to where the Antietam battle was fought. I did this not only because I had read about the place in one of Nora Roberts books I was there for one of her books signings and went with fellow readers.

3. How important are actual facts in your books? Give some examples
I read fiction so worrying about facts isn't something that I always do. Yes, I don't want to United States to be moved elsewhere but I can handle it the landscape of it changed. Like say, some of the states are no more. It would have to fit the story and be believable. 

4. What was the last book you bought and why?
I bought Cooper's Charm by Lori Foster. I just love her books.

5. Name something you bought that was inspired by your love of reading.
I can't remember buying something because of a book. I can remember eating something because of a book. I got hooked on Chinese dumplings because of Jennifer Cruise always having her characters eat them. 

We'd love for you to answer any or all of the questions above. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

August 9th "In Case You Missed It"


  1. I too just bought Coopers Charm and I also fell in love with potstickers the same time/same reason after that book signing. Lol

    1. Haha! So funny. Yep, ever since her books I love potstickers.

  2. Actual facts for some things in books are great when I know something for certain and see it in a book.

    1. I like that too. Like towns or attractions that you also can visit.


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