Review: The Highlander's Promise by Lynsay Sands

The Highlander's Promise 
Highlander's #6
Lynsay Sands
June 26th
Avon Books
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 384
Format Read: eARC
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss 

Aulay Buchanan has retreated to his clan’s hunting lodge for a few days of relaxation. But the raven-haired beauty he pulls from the ocean puts an end to any chance of rest. Though he christens her Jetta, she knows nothing of her real identity, save that someone is trying to kill her. As she recovers, it will not be easy for Aulay to protect her and keep her honor intact when she mistakenly believes they are man and wife.

Jetta sees beyond Aulay’s scars to the brave, loyal warrior she’s proud to call her own. But as the attempts on her life grow more brazen, Jetta realizes that not all is as she believes. And if Aulay is not her husband, can she trust the desire flaring in his eyes, or his promise to defend her with his life?


We all have those authors that are our comfort reads. You know the ones, they are the authors that you know that no matter what you'll enjoy their books. That's how I feel about Lynsay Sands. I just love her books. 

Her Highlanders series is one of my favorites. I just love the men and women of this series. Each book gets better and better. They make me both happy that I read them, but also sad that I've finished them. Love that in a book. 

The Highlander's Promise is the 6th book in the series and I have to say one of my favorites. Yes, I have a habit of saying that after I finish a book I really love then the next one come and it's my new favorite. Don't tell me you all don't do the same thing! Ha!

I really loved Aulay. I knew his heroine was going to have to be a special woman and that's what Jetta turned out to be. She saw past the scar to the man wearing it. 

This story is so romantic, sweet and funny. You'll totally enjoy how hard Aulay works on not doing something he might regret, or would he regret it? If there was ever a man who needed someone to love him unconditionally Aulay is it. His past did more scaring then the sword did. 

Jetta was able to see what so many others did see with Aulay. They stood for each other and just plain loved. I did a lot of smiling as I read this story. 

What also thrilled me was that so many past characters were in this one and we got a quick glimpse into what was going on in their lives. Also they added to the fun and drama.  

Like I mentioned, this is a wonderful series so read these books in order they make each story much, much better. 

If you've read The Highlander's Promise or anything else by Lynsay Sands I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡


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