Book Club Thursday: Getting To Know Us

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing

1. Have you ever thrown a book away?~~Yes

2. Do you carry a book with you when you leave the house?~~Yes

3. Have you ever pretended to love a book you hated?~~Yes

4. Have you ever pretended to hate a book you loved?~~NO

5. Ever met an author and be VERY disappointed?~~Yes

6. Ever met an author and be so charmed you bought their book?~Yes

7. Billionaires VS The Guys Next Door~~The Guys Next Door

8. Christmas theme books VS Valentine’s Day ones~~Christmas

9. Nora Roberts VS JD Robb~~J D Robb

10. Paranormals VS Romantic Suspense~~Paranormals

11. Vampire VS Shifter~~Shifter

12. Toro only cover vs Nature cover~~Nature Cover

13. Gena Showalter vs Kresley Cole~~Kresley Cole

14. Football players vs Hockey players~~Hockey Player

15. Sweet vs Erotic~~Erotic

I thought this was going to be so easy but I really had to think about my answer. Some of them both worked for me so I went with what was more important to me. What about you? We'd love for you to answer the questions too in the comment section. Just use the numbers to make it easier.

June 14th "Golden Oldie: Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Cruise"


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