Review: Setting off Sparks by Jennifer Bernard

Setting Off Sparks
Jupiter Point #4
Jennifer Bernard
June 13, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 371
Format Read: eBook
Source: Purchased
In one fiery moment, Finn Abrams went from cocksure firefighter to scarred survivor. Now all he wants is to put his life together again, get back on a hotshot crew, and figure out exactly what happened to him during the Big Canyon burnover. He never expected to be knocked off his feet by a gorgeous, no-nonsense stranger to Jupiter Point—the one woman who seems completely immune to his famous charm.

Coolly practical, Lisa Peretti knows she won’t be in Jupiter Point for long. As an ER nurse in Houston, she helped a friend escape a dangerous situation. Now she’s hiding out in the little town, determined to keep a low profile. The last thing she needs is attention, especially in the form of the tabloid-starring, actress-dating, too-sexy-for-his-own-good Finn Abrams.

Still, Lisa can’t resist someone who needs her help. As long as she can keep her distance, working with the local hero as he recovers from his burns should be no problem, right?

Wrong. When danger follows Lisa to Jupiter Point, she's startled to find Finn ready, willing, and more than able to come to her rescue. Add to that a meddling movie crew, some kindhearted locals, and her own unruly heart, and Lisa quickly loses any shot at keeping her feelings under cover.

Fire season in Jupiter Point is always smokin' hot...but this time it’s going to be Setting Off Sparks.


You might have notice how I reviewed book #7 & #8 but missed, 4-6. It's not that I haven't read them it's that I haven't yet reviewed them. With 7 & 8 I joined tours for those so they had to be review at a certain date. Not to worry you'll see 5 & 6 here soon. 

So back to Setting Off Sparks. I think this one everyone was waiting for. Let's be honest we wanted to know my about Finn and why he did what he did. 

I really enjoyed this book. Of course I usually like what Bernard writes, I often like to believe that she writes just for me. It could happen so stop laughing! I always enjoy her characters and want to know more about them. 

Like Finn!

When he made the choices he made you had to wonder why. I know I did. They really affected his life and career. He could have lost his friends and if fact many of his relationships are strained afterwards. I don't want to get to into what happened to him. I think if you haven't yet started this series you should and read it for yourself. You'll enjoy it and understand it better that way. 

It's kind of crazy but every time you think you've got Finn figured out you learn that you don't. He's got tons of layers. But what shines the brightest is the fact that he's a really nice guy. I really liked his characters. 

I also liked Lisa too. What she did for her friends was very noble. Her and Finn worked even if they didn't always think so. We could see it a mile away. 

There are so many layers to both their stories that you won't be able to put the book down. You'll want, no...need to know what happens next. 

If you haven't yet read the Jupiter Point series why not? So far it's a great series and I really love the people. Do yourself a favor and read it in order. Much better that way. 

If you've read Setting Off Sparks or any other book by Jennifer Bernard I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡


  1. That sounds pretty good and it's a new author for me. Love that cover too.

    1. I just love her books. She writes with tons of heart and humor. Great books.


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