Books on My List for This Tuesday

There is always so many wonderful books to buy each week. All of us are looking to buy different ones so this is the ones that I would like to buy or will be buying. I will also be throwing some in that I've read in ARC form that I think you'd like.

On Sale 5/1/18

I've been reading this series for what seems like forever but I still like it. I'm slightly behind but hope to be caught up one day

On Sale 5/1/18

New author for me. It just sounded good so I thought...why not!

On Sale 5/1/18

I always enjoy this author

Not a bad list for this week. I can't wait to dig into them. 

So what are you looking forward to buying and reading? Give us a shout out what's on your list for 5/1/18!


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