Book Club Thursday: Getting to Know Us

Welcome to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing...

This week we are talking about, Favorite Careers for our Hero/Heroine

This one is a hard one. I'm not sure if there is a career that I don't like. I guess if I thought about it hard enough I'd fine one but since it's about the ones we like for our hero's and heroine's I don't have to think about it that hard. 

Okay, I'm pulling up my shelves and coming up with a list of jobs I like. Okay, not at list really, just a few notes. 

Let's see, what jobs do I like for them. So many...what can I say the job isn't really important to me as much as the fact that they have a job!

  1. Veterinaries 
  2. Town Sheriff
  3. Bartender
  4. Construction works/wood workers

I'm pretty proud of myself. Not a millionaire in the bunch. There are many, many more jobs I like too these are just my top four. 

This one is a little harder for me. I have to admit the heroine isn't as important to me as the hero. I will try my best to come up with something. 

  1. Preschool teacher
  2. Landscaper
  3. Romance writer
  4. Baker

Okay, so I didn't do so bad on the heroines. I should have put baker at the #1 slot but I'm now to lazy to fix it. 

This was a lot more fun then I thought it would be. So, what about you, what's your favorite job for your hero's and heroines? Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

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  1. Sheriff and veterinarian are my favorites too.

  2. I love bakers/cooks for either. The only thing I don't like is reporters/journalists. They're just trying. lol


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